May, 2008: JOBBIND

JOBBIND is a job search engine that connects job seekers from all over the world directly with the hiring companies. JOBBIND aggregates jobs from thousands of companies with operations in more than 70+ countries. For more information, visit JOBBIND website at

Aug, 2004: TickerChart

TickerChart financial package is designed to help investors better analyze, track, and forecast the Middle East stock exchanges. TickerChart is an "End of Day" stock software, meaning that TickerChart does not provide real-time data streaming or intraday stock charting. TickerChart focuses more on providing extensive technical studies, quick off-line charting, easy look-up of historical prices, and professional market commentary. For more information, visit TickerChart website at

Jul, 2003: i-cuisine

i-cuisine is an innovative hospitality solution for restaurants and hotels. i-cuisine distinguishes itself by its extensibility, ease of use, and revolutionary set of features. For more information, visit i-cuisine website at